BRYAN TERMULO: Birthday Concert

BRYAN TERMULO: Birthday Concert
Catch the Prince of Teleserye Themesong Mr. Bryan Termulo's Birthday Concert on March 9, 2013 at the Music Museum, 8PM! With special guests:
  •   Bugoy Drilon 
  •   Melai Cantiveros
  •   KZ Tandingan
  •   Liezel Garcia
Yes, folks, Bryan Termulo, who have been in the business for 5 years now, will finally have his first major concert on his 25th birthday entitled Bryan Termulo's XXV.  Kahanga-hanga that Bryan Termulo continue to reach out to his fans and music lovers to share his passion in music. 
It is actually my first time to met this charming balladeer in person. He is very handsome, very accommodating and kind, low profile, he won't let anyone bully another person, isi-save ka niya talaga mula sa pagkapahiya. That is so sweet of you Bryan. Good karma goes to people who have a good heart like you, I am glad that you are about to make a big lift in the concert scene on your birthday. Bryan Termulo had gone a long way from being a runner up of Pinoy Pop Superstar Year 3. His decision to moved from another network proved to be right because now, everybody recognizes Bryan to to be the Prince and soon to be the King of Teleserye Theme Songs, congratulations!
I took this photo during the blogger's conference when he asked the bloggers Handa na ba kayo? He is full of spirit. His laughter is contagious.

Did you know that Bryan is about to showcase on his birthday concert one of his hidden talent? Now, listen everyone, not only will Bryan entertain you with singing prowess but he is set to prove to everyone his dancing skills. Wooooooooooooooot! I'm very excited about his so called "dance skill" which he will showcase exclusively on his first major concert on March 9, 2013 so hurry and buy your tickets now to witness this rare phenomenon.

During the bloggers conference held last Saturday night at Insomnia Bar, Eton Centris in Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, he revealed to us some of the things most fans do not know about him.

Unknown Trivia about Bryan Termulo:
  •  Did you know that Bryan can actually play the violin. 
  •  He doesn't eat ampalaya if it is not bitter.
  •  He hates paksiw.
  •  He can't leave the house without putting brow liner.
  •  He can't rid this nasty habit of nail-biting.
Bryan is every girl's ideal dream boy. He is very nice not only with us bloggers but also to his fans, he is very amiable and the type of person who would bend his back and run an extra mile to everyone. Bryan Termulo is the boy your mama would love to be her son-in-law.

I'm so excited to watch his concert on March 9, 2013 and tell the world how Bryan Termulo is Bryan Termulo, his own unique personality. 

The bloggers conference was made possible by BWB and Raul Leynes, LionHeartTV, Pinoy Mag, Erase Placenta, Lifeline, Cetaphil, Skechers, Solo, Star Magic, Tambayan 101.9 WRR . Thank you guys!

 For more info, please visit his FB Page at or follow him on Twitter @bryantermulo. 

Ticket prices: 2,000, 1,500, 1,200 and 800. For ticket inquiries please call:
  • TicketWorld telehone # 891-9999
  • or at the Music Museum, call 721-0635 or 721-6726.
 Please do get your tickets now na! See you at Bryan's concert!
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